quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014


 What the hell are some pigeons doing at the top of the Empire? At least, it seems that there is no lack of food there...  Weather is not fine: 6 degrees below zero, but it doesn't seem to disturb too much to this birds... by the way one of the few I found in New York, except blackbirds.
Wonderful sight of New York in white from the Empire State building. Some kind of cathedral for new yorkers and Americans, generally speaking. One week after and still I am wondering what is New York: a city that doesn't let anyone indifferent.

    There is something I find weird from New York. No public space. No parks, no squares, narrow streets, it's seem that money, private property and ads are covering the whole city, and don't let breathe anything else. So different to the old european cities -like Paris-, where the state is almost everywhere, and where you used to feel so comfortable. I imagined -wrongly- that Times Square should be a real square; when it's only a wider part of a street, full of colorful advertisements everywhere. Is this the real essence of the American society and politics, translated into the design of a city? The T.G. doesn't know enough of America, but he can guess. Once upon a time, someone told me that if you are born American and not rich you are doomed to be an unhappy person, and the best thing you can do is to leave the country or to fight for getting rich the sooner as possible. If you have no money in Manhattan, there is no place for you nor your dreams.

Years ago, someone told me about communist cities that the were too dark, too dull, to be an attractive place to enjoy your life. I could check it by my own experience in some old places of the Czech Republic. Now I can state that capitalist cities are gloomy, too gloomy. No idea can resist against the temptation and tricky offerings of capitalism, if you are living your whole existence in a place like New York. So I think that maybe the most cosmopolitan city of the entire world could be in fact the same little place as the most remote village in any country of the world, if you never went away from the city...   

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